Proportional circles geography coursework

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Graduated and Proportional Symbol Maps

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Graphs 2: pie charts

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May 18,  · This presentation will show you how to draw hte map for question 2. proportional-circles. Sbsgeog’s Weblog ← Year 7 Coral Reef Homework. Year 10 Barcelona Question 2 → Year 10 – How to draw a proportional circle map.

Posted on May 18, Related. This entry was posted in Year 10 Barcelona Coursework, Year Proportional circles or squares Symbols of the same shape, but of varying sizes according to the numbers of shoppers, can be drawn for the places where they live (see Figure 2f).

Circles can be used for which the radius is taken as the square root of the number of people; or squares, where the length of the side is the square root of the number of shoppers.

Latitude Geography. Home > > > > > > > Links News Contact HSC Geography Skills Lessons Ideally they should be used to access and analyse the learning content throughout the course. Follow the hyperlinks for more detailed information about each skill. • constructing and interpreting proportional divided circles.

Proportional circles geography coursework
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