Pharmacy school coursework

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Pre-Pharmacy School Track

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Admission to McWhorter School of Pharmacy’s prepharmacy program is a two-step process. First, you must be admitted to Samford University, and then you apply for admission into McWhorter School of Pharmacy during your sophomore year.

Pharmacy schools vary in their requirements, and it is important for you to learn what coursework the schools that interest you want. Choose your major according to. Coursework F.A.Q.'s I am an undergraduate student at another college/university and wish to take prerequisite courses for admission to the Pharm.D.

program. I am unsure what courses UHCOP will count for your prerequisites. Pharmacy School Pre-Requisites PharmCAS Schools* Total # Qtr Hrs Total # Sem Hrs 0–6 Program Offered B.S.

Required (not preferred) Contact schools with Gen Ed requirement for courses. ** These colleges of pharmacy are not yet eligible to join AACP as institutional members. They participate in PharmCAS and have had an ACPE site visit.

Prerequisite Coursework All students applying to the Doctor of Pharmacy program must meet our prerequisite course requirements in order to be considered for admission to the program. Check to see if equivalences for your school are available on the Transfer Equivalences page.

Pharmacy school

Prerequisite Coursework. In addition to meeting the admission requirements, all applicants must complete the following prerequisite coursework for consideration of his/her application for acceptance into the program.A Bachelor’s degree is not required for admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) 4-year program.

Pharmacy school coursework
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