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MAS Coursework Design in NetLogo Ilias Sakellariou University of Macedonia Dept. of Applied Informatics Egnatia str, ThessalonikiGreece [email protected] Petros Kefalas CITY College International Faculty of the University of Sheffield Dept.

of Computer Science 13 Tsimiski str, ThessalonikiGreece [email protected] Ioanna. semester majors course). The second course is an introductory course with a split between agent-based and systems-dynamics modeling using NetLogo.

INTRODUCTION Multi-agent simulation is an approach to simulation based on the interactions of multiple intelligent agents with each other and their environment. MAS focuses on the.

An Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems course Involving NetLogo An Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems course Involving NetLogo, Publisher: IGI GLobal, Editors: Beer, Fasli. Using BDI-extended NetLogo Agents in Undergraduate CS Research and Teaching Jonathan Wiens Computer Science Dept.

An Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Course Involving NetLogo

necessary high time exposure for MAS learning, design and implementation. The rest of the paper continues as follows: Section II when teaching these subjects in an AI course.

Home Download Help Resources Extensions FAQ References Contact Us Donate Models: Library Community Modeling Commons User Manuals: Web Printable Chinese Czech. Abstract. In the context of an Intelligent Agents course, we have cho-sen NetLogo as the means to satisfy the students ’ demand for hands-on practice, to help them understand at a deeper level the otherwise theoretical aspects involved in the design of a multi-agent system (MAS).

Mas coursework design netlogo
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