Manhattan project cost

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51f. The Manhattan Project

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Home Civic Special Reports The Manhattan Project The Cost of Building Atom Industry This U.S. News article from details the big industry and the prospect for commercial power in the s. The Manhattan Project, which included some of history's greatest scientific minds, lead to the end of the war against the Japanese.

But was it worth the environmental and financial costs? This massive site provides loads of information to help you reach your own conclusions.

In dollars, the cumulative cost of the Manhattan project over 5 fiscal years was approximately $22 billion; of the Apollo program over 14 fiscal years, approximately $98 billion; of post-oil shock energy R&D efforts over 35 fiscal years, $ billion. How Much Did the Atomic Bomb (Manhattan Project) Cost Ballpark Estimate: $2 Billion ( dollars); $25 Billion ( dollars) At the Alamogordo Bombing Range, now the White Sands Missile Range near Socorro, New Mexico, it was a.m.

Costs adjusted using a base year of (the year of highest Manhattan Project expenditures). Actual costs per facility per year are apparently unknown.

Manhattan project cost
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