Machine made man lazy

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as technolgy made people lazy

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Youngevity Scam?

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Lazy (Deep Purple song)

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Lazy learning

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as technolgy made people lazy

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"Lazy" is a song by Deep Purple from their album Machine Head. A live performance of the song can be found on the album Made in Japan, released later the same year. The song starts out as an instrumental, keyboardist Jon Lord plays an overdriven Hammond organ intro, followed by the main riff and with the solo swapping between him and Recorded: 6–21 DecemberMontreux, Switzerland.

Though technology has made life easy but people have a machine substitute for everything and are working to make more. there is no doubt that technology has made man more lazy than instead of fluttering the book pages one prefers to use Google prefer to go even to a nearby place by a motor vehicle instead by.

Thank you for this article. Just returned from a “Healthy Living Expo” and got a minute, non-stop sales pitch about Mona Vie. The rep took an “antioxidant reading” from a new-fangled machine using my index finger, which shows on a rainbow screen how high or low.

November 17, am. Carrie Underwood has revealed she and her husband Mike Fisher are having a baby boy. The pregnant star was co-hosting the CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday night, when Brad Paisley quizzed her about the sex of her unborn child, who is. People who say that technology has made people lazy are not looking at the bigger picture of life.

Which are: The first ever invention or discovery is the wheel, using this as the corner stone, we have reached the level of technology we have today.

Machine made man lazy
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