Evaluating geography coursework

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Collecting, selecting and representing data

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Unit 2 Fieldwork Enquiry Exam Question Preparation

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GCSE Geography Coursework: Strand 5 - Evaluation of Data

OCR’s A Level in Geography will enable learners to: • develop their knowledge of locations, places, processes and environments, at all skilled at planning, undertaking and evaluating fieldwork in appropriate situations • apply geographical knowledge, understanding.

Produce a thorough evaluation of all sections of your investigation.

Analysing and interpreting the evidence

Here are some useful words when evaluating your conclusions. A valid conclusion is supported by reliable data obtained using a valid method and based on sound reasoning. Department of Geography. GRADUATE HANDBOOK. Department of Geography. The Ohio State University.

Morton O’Kelly, Department Chair. Becky Mansfield, Graduate Studies Chair. Transcript of Vertical Alignment of Social Studies Skills. Vertical Alignment of Social Study Skills The rigor of the coursework should increase as the grade levels increase.

Evaluating World Geography: Remembering - Understanding World History: Remembering - Applying. In this case, your A-Level Geography coursework will be interesting and comprehensible to every reader. Data evaluation While evaluating findings, do not forget to add your personal point of view.

This is the Evaluation section of the coursework folder on the geographical investigation conducted around the River Calder, Garstang; based on the following hypothesis - 'Does the River Calder fit the Bradshaw Model.' The Bradshaw model is in figure 1.

* #1- approximately 4km from source.

Evaluating geography coursework
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