Courseworks maintenance

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CourseWorks Outage

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CourseWorks Outage

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Echo Recordings in Canvas. Issues with viewing Echo recordings in Canvas are being resolved. Most of the Fall ’18 term recordings are corrected and available.

We are continuing to correct the linking of recordings so they can be viewed within Canvas and have completed it for most schools. Acronym-wise, the difference is a single O, but MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and MOC (Maintenance of Certification) are actually two very different things.

Nonetheless, both have been publicly dragged through the mud of the Trough of Disillusionment in Software available to the Columbia University community, for free or at Columbia's negotiated rate.

CourseWorks Outage. Last Update: May 18th, AM U.S. Eastern Time. CourseWorks and Canvas LTI Tool (Textbook) are currently UNAVAILABLE while we perform application maintenance and upgrades. We expect to bring CourseWorks back into regular service by PM today.

Introduction. The University is committed to maintaining a climate of academic freedom, in which officers of instruction and research are given the widest possible latitude in their teaching and scholarship. CourseWorks and Canvas LTI Tool (Textbook) are currently UNAVAILABLE while we perform application maintenance and upgrades.

We expect to bring CourseWorks back into regular service by PM today. To access courses in Canvas, please go to To contact CUIT.

Courseworks maintenance
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