A2 physics projectiles coursework

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AS/A2 Mathematics

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Teaching Advanced Physics

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A2 Unit 4: Core Maths 3 This module extends the calculus techniques that you learnt in Core 2. It also looks at functions and natural logarithms.

You will be required to produce a piece of coursework. Module examination in June of Year A2 Unit 5: Core Maths 4. This module is. Mathematical modelling and problem solving are important transferable skills that all high level numerate undergraduate programmes expect to develop.

The module was assessed by coursework weighted at 40% of the final mark and an end of module examination weighted at 60%. developments are planned for questions on projectiles, various. A2 students will follow the AS course in their first year and will then study fields, further mechanics, nuclear and thermal physics as well as an introduction to astrophysics and medical physics.

Digging up the past • DC electric circuits. and two teacher-assessed coursework units. • Projectiles. The excavation of an archaeological site. but within each there is no prescribed order for teaching the course units. whose instruments are run from a solar power supply and need to be kept at a suitable temperature.

A2 (second year. Industry and Science. Science. Mathematics. AS/A2 Mathematics in Cheshire. AS/A2 Mathematics. AS/A2 Mathematics Why study Mathematics? The Core 3 module incorporates the only compulsory piece of Coursework (worth 20% of the marks for this module) on solving equations using Numerical Methods.

The examination part of Core 3 will be sat in. General requirements for AS and A2 practical work Skill development 16 16 Copies of the Practical Skills Handbook and coursework forms are also available via Interchange and OCR’s public website (www.

Determine the initial speed of water from a water hose or jet using the physics of projectiles. quantitative tasks and the evaluative.

A2 physics projectiles coursework
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